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FutureNET is a modern and innovative social networking portal that brings together the most dynamic sectors of the Net: social media, multimedia, games, forced matrix (3x3x10), online advertising, tools, apps, web applications, franchising, shopping, networking, and cryptocurrency with the Futuro. This is a platform that has established itself in 3 years and connects networkers all over the world by relaying a strong-impacting slogan:

E-Commerce with more than 300 million products from Merchants all around the world, is a global online shopping comparison website allowing consumers to compare prices. Using the platform you can book hotels, flights, find great deals...

Social network

Since 3 years in the online market, FutureNet has more than 2,5 million members in more than 180 countries of the world. It's the first encypted and uncensored social network paying the free user for their content and activitie. The site keeps 10% of ad revenues for itself.

AppS Security

FuturnetApp is the app dedicated to social networking to network in full mobility. FutureVoIP allows you to call phone numbers (mobile and landlines) from anywhere in the world. Futurenet Cloud is an app for to store files for up to 2 terabytes.

FutureNet: All-in-one social network

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Messenger and more!


Alternative Secure Cloud System

FutureNet Apps

Best Apps and Tools for networking

What is FutureNet ?

A social site that pays you to be active

FutureNet Shopping

Shopping Comparison Service

FutureNet Game

Online gaming platform

About FutureNET

Futurenet is the most multi-dimensional online business with 5 income opportunities taking advantage of 5 major trends online: socialmedia, online advertising, online shopping, forced matrix and cryptocurency.

  • 2014-2017

    Lightning growth

    In 3 years on the online market, FutureNET has grown from 75,000 members to more than 2 million members in 180 countries. With 10 offices worldwide: Headquartered in Dubai, but also with offices in Poland, England, Germany, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Indonesia, Israel, Ukraine and Hong Kong. From about fifteen employees in 2015, the FutureNET group increased to 150 in 2017, including about fifty employees in China.

  • February 2015

    Friends Tree (10 Levels)

    With Futurnet, you can network and generate your first Media Points. Those media points can be used to order some products such as landing page, video mail, blog or web templates and more. FutureNet have a six tier matrix ($10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000) which allows you to earn "Media Points" and earn bonuses. You can also sell your own videos, e-books... and get 50% of the selling price.

  • April 2016

    Futureadpro advertising platform was born

    In addition to delivering a successful and sustainable project, marketers are very satisfied with its excellent advertising return rate of around 10%, its cashback plan (+/-1% day), and its wide choice of payment methods, CB,International Payments Processor, including cryptocurencies: BTC, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum. FutureAdPro is accessible to anyone who wants to promote online.

  • January 2017

    Multi-product transition

    5 apps available for download in leading app stores as since august 2017, as FutureNetVOIP, this app is a competent WhatsApp alternative. But also other technologies, such as an Internet application platform, to easily create (no coding skills needed) beautiful sites and their mobile version based on WordPress. So, developing web ... based on is an exchange allowing for transactions of purchase and sale of Bitcoins without unnecessary formalities. Bitcoin Exchange Buy Sell BTC PLN EUR USD GBP – Buy or sell Bitcoins in less than a minute. Fastest Bitcoin Exchange.

  • April 2017

    Expansion of Phase 2

    The FutureNet leasing is a pilot program for Polish members with cars at ingeniously favourable price. Lease your BMW at FutureNet with the best offers on the market! Beauty, style, prestige, power and safety! All of this is connecting the cars of the FutureNet Lease garage. The new partnership programme of long-term car rental.

  • Aout 2017

    FutureNet Cafe Franchise Model

    FutureNet once again breaks barriers of the Net and enters the real world with FutureNet™ Restaurants and Cafe. The first catering establishments with logo are open. After a FutureNet™ Cafe in Kyiev. Two more cafes will appear in Poland – Wroclaw market, nearly 300m2 of exclusive area in the heart of the city, and Warsaw. The capital will have a huge Restaurant one, because almost 900m2 premises on Swietokrzyska Street is renovated. The restaurant will be hosted by Aureliusz Wilk, top Chef and expert on neurogastronomy and modern culinary techniques. FutureNet Cafe will be a franchise model all over the World.

  • September 2017

    FutureNet Sports Sponsoring

    In the sport as in business". You have to learn from the best, take the example from the top. That is why FutureNet once again gets into the sport! From August 31 to September 1 2017, Wroclaw was the capital of Futsal. World-famous teams such as FC Barcelona and Napoli Calcio competed in the Futsal Masters 2017 tournament. The main sponsor of the event was FutureNet, and the "Orbita" hall, where matches were played, turned in purple and blue colours with FN's logotypes.

  • Octobre 2017


    On 26-27 October, the 26-27th Polish Congress of entrepreneurship was held in the green mountain, FutureNET wins Polish Innovation Award , the director of marketing in Poland, Marcin Witek, received the prize.

  • 24 November 2017

    Event in Macao

    People traveled from all around the World to take part in the third birthday celebrations for Futurenet. The event was attended by over 5000 members of Futurenet | Futureadpro and over 20 000 were watching US on-line. Futuro Coin will be listed on the stock exchange (bitbay..) in February 2018. FuturoCoin will be publicity available on official repository along with whitepaper. Futuro contains blockchain and can be mined, it's code is open source, based on Dash. Specifications of FuturoCoin: Only 100 million FuturoCoin coins will be available. FuturoCoin will rely on its own blockchain. 10% of the pot, ie 10 million coins, will be distributed to Royal partners. 70% of the pool will go into traditional mining.

  • January, 2018


    On 31 January, 2018, you will have the possibility to mine and perform FTO transactions. FutureNet have created dedicated mining packages, thanks to which you will be able to receive the FTO without having to mine yourself. Keep your money in decentralised wallet, FuturoNetwork. After 10 years, 100,000,000 FTOs will go into circulation, 30,000,000 of them will be mined in pre-mining. FuturoCoin is a cryptocurrency, the correctness of the transaction is immediately confirmed by the dedicated masternode network. Regardless of the number of FTOs sent, you will pay a fixed, low transaction fee. Blockchain solutions ensure that you are not able to perform the same transaction twice.

  • And of course,
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An Amazing Team

Their professionalism is an important quality in the success of this project.

Stephan Morgenstern

CEO, Co-founder

Roman Ziemian

CEO, Co-founder

Hugh-Paul Ward

Director Global Marketing

With an innovative vision of their shared economy platform, Roman Zieman and Stephen Morgenstern, the 2 CEOs of the group have been giving FutureNet dynamic growth for the past 3 years and are supported in this task by Hugh-Paul Ward.

The FutureNET social network now has more than 2 million members in 180 countries. 2000 new members register every day.